Bangkok – City of Angels

Welcome to the „City of Angels“, certainly Southeast Asia’s most pulsating and exciting metropolis. If you’ve managed to make it to this site, then you’re probably planning a stay in „Krung Thep“, as Bangkok is called by the Thais.

Congratulations! You’re to be envied! The prejudice frequently prevails that Bangkok is just one big Moloch and that many tourists don’t even leave the airport or their hotel room before traveling on to other regions of Thailand or Asia. Experience the opposite – delve deeply into a fascinating city with 1000 opportunities and 1000 faces!

We recommend that you plan at least three days for Bangkok or preferably more. Most importantly: do take your time! One tour or activity per day is more than enough. Don’t underestimate the climate and the hectic surroundings. With a few pieces of advice that you will find throughout this rubric, your stay in Bangkok will be an experience that you will never forget!

Now just browse through this Bangkok website – in each rubric you will find many sub-categories.