Arrival in Bangkok

Picture Thai Airways
Most new arrivals in Bangkok will arrive at Bangkok’s New Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport. This airport is located approximately 20 km south of the city center. The procedure of entering the country generally goes quickly and smoothly. Now its up to you to choose how you would like to get to your hotel. You can get on one of the airport buses, which go into the city at regular intervals. These buses cost approx. 100 Baht.

However we recommend taking a taxi from the airport, which will take you directly to your hotel. This is also simple enough for inexperienced travelers. But beware: the cost of a taxi ride from the airport must be negotiated! In the lobby of the airport chauffeurs will already begin trying to talk you into taking their cars. 1200 Baht might sound acceptable for a new arrival when compared to European taxi prices, but you can get a ride for cheaper! Just take five steps outside of the airport to the waiting taxis. There you can get a price of 400-500 Baht by only saying a few sentences. Same taxi, same driver, 2/3 cheaper! Welcome to Bangkok!  

If the first taxi driver doesn't agree to the price, just stay calm. Simply go to the next driver. Most importantly: be relaxed. Your stress level is not to be underestimated in 40° C heat, noise and smog after a 10 hour flight. Don't allow yourself to be upset by taxi drivers, chauffeurs and wildly gesticulating policemen!

You'll have at least a 30 minute ride, depending on the traffic. It can also take longer. If your taxi driver takes detours over side streets and back alleys, just stay calm. This is his way of bypassing the often very congested main roads. It is even normal if he turns around after one kilometer for no apparent reason etc. The left-hand traffic and somewhat adventurous traffic routing make this necessary.

The taxi drivers at the airport can usually find any hotel. Some make the ride a sightseeing tour, others don't say a word. If the taxi driver asks you for 40-60 Baht more for an "Expressway Ticket", this is alright because this is the toll that he must pay directly to the toll station for a section of highway that he took. If you enjoyed the ride then you can tip the driver as you deem appropriate. 20-50 Baht would be okay. By the way: such "flat rate prices" only make sense for the ride to/from the airport or other special rides

In 2006 Bangkok's new airport went into operation. The Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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