Clothing in Bangkok

Clothing like t-shirts, shorts as well as all textiles like bed linens and pillowcases, can be found by the millions in Bangkok. And particularly for low price products, haggling is absolutely necessary. This way you basically can decide for yourself whether you pay 2000 or 200 Baht for a pillowcase. It is also extremely popular to have suits, shirts and ties custom made at one of approximately 10,000 tailors in Bangkok.

However it must also be said that if you pay 99 dollars for a custom made suit with shirt, vest, etc. you will still look worse than if you had purchased a suit on clearance for 59 Euros. There might even be good tailors, maybe. It's best to follow the recommendations of others that have already had something custom made. It's usually not worth going to just any tailor. And if your good piece of clothing starts to fall apart after being cleaned for the first time, it's hard to go back for a refund.