Copies of brand name goods in Bangkok

Copies in Bangkok
Copies of brand name goods can be found everywhere in Bangkok. It is both illegal to sell them in Bangkok and to bring them back into most countries. However everyone must decide for him or herself how they would like to deal with this issue. As a customer you don't need to be quite as afraid of the Thai police. Copies of all luxury watches, purses, etc. are openly sold on the street.

Currently especially popular: DVDs. Here you select current films from a catalog with original covers. You pay and a kind of courier gets the DVDs from a hidden warehouse or burns them quickly onto a disc. "Trade" with these kinds of copies is so obvious in Thailand that you almost can't recognize that it is prohibited. But don't overdo it. Even 10 watches at 40 Euros each is a great loss when confiscated by customs authorities. However no one would probably say anything over four or five t-shirts.