Food in Bangkok

Food on the street
Whoever enjoys eating, going to restaurants or has general culinary interests will never want to leave Bangkok. Whoever has succumbed to the stereotype of hot and spicy food will quickly learn a lesson! You can have anything and everything in Bangkok! Of course all Asian cuisines are represented no matter whether they are prepared on the side of the road or in a gourmet temple. All other cuisines of the world also have their firm place in Bangkok and whoever thinks they could never live without pizza, pork roast, Bavarian white sausages or even McDonald's will not have to do without!

Thais are characterized in particular by their hospitality. They traditionally always invite their visitors to take part in meals. If an invitation is declined it is interpreted as an insult to the host's generosity. Thais love to indulge in culinary delights at nearly every hour of the day and night. Warm meals are eaten three times a day, while small dishes are eaten between meals. There are fewer sweets on the menu. There are tempting stands on the streets, transportable cookshops which are quickly set up where many people work or pass by. Thai cuisine has no order of dishes, all courses are served at the same time and eaten as one pleases.

With regard to food the palette of offerings also ranges from just a few Baht to 1000 Euros for luxurious meals from star chefs. The interesting thing is: a simple noodle soup on the side of the road can be so delicious that you will want to pay for it with gold. Prices start at 20 Baht! Here's a short overview of Bangkok's cuisine, which is by no means exhaustive. The addresses that we mention here have of course all been personally tested by our editorial team.