Hotel-Restaurants in Bangkok

Every hotel has at least one and up to a dozen restaurants. They can all be classified in the middle to high price category. In the local press and in the magazines in your hotel room these restaurants advertise with specials, theme weeks and cheaper lunch menus.

You should pay attention to the lunch specials since they are excellent value for the money. This of course is not only limited the restaurants in your hotel. If you've found an offer, simply get into a taxi and eat lunch at another hotel. This gives you the chance to eat very, very inexpensively in really exquisite restaurants. You can even get 5-course meals for 250-500 Baht. And all that served on silver plates on the 26th floor! Here you will find a report about one traveler's experience soon.

But apart from lunch, the kitchen chefs always come up with something special! Every season and every ingredient is celebrated and declared as a theme of its own. Lobster, oyster and mushroom weeks, the themes never end.

Even the hotel bars, pubs, etc. are waiting with every imaginable attraction. Salsa festivals, wine tasting events, buffets, something special is always being offered in Bangkok. Make use of such offers, it's really worth it. For 20 Euros you can get drinks, food, entertainment and music, for which you would easily pay over 100 Euros back home.