Hotels with 3 and 4 stars in Bangkok

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Hotels with 3 and 4 stars. A majority of tourists are certainly best taken care of here. You'll get fantastic lodgings from about 40 Euros! European standard, cleanliness and comfort are included. Little tip: order something yummy from room service in the evening or at night. What might quickly end up costing 15 Euros for a sandwich in Europe becomes a pleasure at very low prices. Take a look at the menus in your room! Tip: in the famous tourist streets (Sukhumvit or Silom) you will find dozens of small hotels that look insignificant and not particularly trustworthy. They can often only be recognized by a small advertising sign and don't even have their own entrance (go into the tailor shop and take the elevator to the second floor). In the back of the house or on the upper floors you will find pleasant pensions, some even with pools and rooftop terraces. Starting at 20 Euros you can get acceptable rooms with the best location along Sukhumvit Road. So: be brave and keep your eyes out for small hotels!