The Night Market in Patpong Bangkok

Every day starting around 4 PM the world-famous amusement mile Patpong turns into a night market. If you see the street at this time of day you won't believe what goes on here only a few hours later. At racing speeds the merchants set up their stands and arrange their neatly packed goods. The night market doesn't really offer anything different from the other markets. Everything from usual tourist souvenirs, "brand name clothing", jewelry and pillowcases.

Both on the left and right the stands are surrounded by bars, restaurants, Gogo bars and establishments with a red light flair. Lots of locals will try to attract tourists into the bars. Everything here and the offerings of these bars will seem rather boring to someone who has traveled from so far away. Whoever absolutely has to see a bored Thai lady "amuse" herself with bananas and ping-pong balls can watch one of the shows. Otherwise one could say that this type of "naughtiness" might have been exciting in the Seventies. Nevertheless, Patpong is also attractive as a market. It is easy to reach by taxi and in any case worth the outing.