Shopping Paradise Bangkok

Street Market
Bangkok is a true Shopping Paradise. However when shopping you have to consider whether you want to buy high quality products or just souvenirs and small things to take back with you. You can find t-shirts, textiles, purses and all sorts of unnecessary items on every corner in Bangkok. In fact there is sometimes such a gigantic selection that you could think that the "world's supply of t-shirts" is stored in the streets of Bangkok. So if you're looking for these types of things, you shouldn't have any problems. You only have to master haggling. Read this article about successfully haggling in Bangkok.

If you want to buy real brand name products or even expensive goods such as jewelry, you should be very familiar with the products. Not everything that is offered as authentic is actually authentic in Thailand. So keep your eyes wide open! If you should in fact buy expensive items, the tax refund might be of interest for you, which will allow you to get back a portion of the local taxes at the airport.

Shopping Centers
Copies of Brand Name Goods