Street Kitchens and Cookshops in Bangkok

Street Kitchen
Street kitchens or cookshops; "street food". The most interesting and cheapest way to become acquainted with Thai or other Asian food! Many European tourists are at first a bit afraid to try food on the street. To some extent, (true and untrue) nightmare stories have been spread around. Let your healthy commonsense decide. If the food looks fresh and the cooking conditions are a bit like they might be at a campsite then everything is ok and you can dig in. If the food looks dirty and you wouldn't even put the frying oil in your car, then don't eat anything.

An unmistakable sign of good quality: if many Thais are buying from a particular stand then the food there is certainly very tasty and is hygienically fine. Noodle soups, fried chicken, curries, sate skewers, wok dishes from all regions of Thailand, fish, hot pot, an endless number of smells and aromas await you in the streets of Bangkok! Sit down on one of the plastic chairs and allow yourself to be treated for approximately one Euro with the flair included for free!

Even drinks and fruits are offered on the street. Fresh pineapple or a coconut cracked open before your eyes are refreshing snacks, which you absolutely have to try! Even the clear mounds of locust, bugs, frogs, etc., which of course are not for everyone, are worth trying! If you want to try something exotic like this, we recommend a small portion of locust. You can get a small bag of the crispy, spicy hoppers for 20 Baht. Tastes like the crust of a pork roast and goes great with a cold Singha beer! No joke, they taste great and are perfect for vacation photos!

Of course there are no internet addresses for this type of food, but we absolutely recommend trying "street food" more than once. You won't regret it!

And another tip:
a noodle soup in Asia cannot be compared with our "little appetizer soups". You absolutely have to try this kind of soup "on the street". Especially late at night, just the right portion of hot and spicy soup will really sober you up! You can have a full meal starting at just 30 Baht!