Bangkok's New Airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport

It took a long time, but now everything is up and running! On September 28, 2006, Bangkok's new airport went into operation; the Suvarnabhumi Airport. During its startup phase the new airport will handle 45 million passengers per year, later up to 100 million passengers. We would like to wish the operators of the new airport a good and above all safe start with their operations.

Here all passengers can find all necessary information, such as directions, terminals and the floor plans of the different decks. The new airport is located approximately 25 kilometers east of Bangkok.

First impressions of the new Suvarnabhumi Airport

We have tested the new airport live. It is really unbelievably large. We needed at least 15 min from stepping off the airplane to get to immigration, despite the moving sidewalks! Positive: immigration has more personnel than before, but the same still applies as always: whoever does not (completely) fill out his/her immigration card must get in the back of the line. Negative: European design out of metal and glass; the flair of "We love the King" Airport is unfortunately now a thing of the past.

Save money - take the bus!
All very cheap public busses stop at the bus terminal of the Airport (reachable with the Airport Shuttle Bus):

  • Bus Number 389 Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pattaya
  • Bus Number 390 Suvarnabhumi Airport - Talad Rong Kluea
  • Bus Number 549 Suvarnabhumi Airport - Miniburi
  • Bus Number 551 Suvarnabhumi Airport - Victory Monument
  • Bus Number 552 Suvarnabhumi Airport - On Nut BTS Station
  • Bus Number 554 Suvarnabhumi Airport - Don Muang Airport
  • Bus Number 825 Suvarnabhumi Airport - Nong Khai