Tips and Tricks before Traveling to Asia

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On this page you will find a random list of useful tips and tricks about the topic of travel preparations. Have fun browsing, maybe there's one or two good tips for you here as well!

I. Leave most of it at home! When you pack your suitcase and are headed to Bangkok or Thailand there are different "packing rules" than for a trip to America or Australia. The following applies: 1. save on weight to have more space for your souvenirs when you return home and 2. don't take anything with you or buy anything extra that you could get for cheaper in Thailand. E.g. don't buy extra beachwear for your vacation. Top quality bathing suits, shorts, light clothing etc. can be purchased for 2-3 Euros. Also leave your sunscreen, after-sun cream, etc. at home and buy it there. With the exception of 2-3 t-shirts or other shirts for the first few days, you don't need to take these in your luggage either. You can buy them there at amazingly cheap prices. Ties , suits and leather shoes can stay at home as well. Even if you like to dress up and go out to expensive restaurants, you're still a welcome guest dressed in "smart casual".

The strategy of packing 30 pairs of underwear for 30 days is wrong. In vacation regions there are Laundromats or private wash ladies advertise their services on signs. The experiences have always been positive! For 20-40 Baht per kilogram you'll have your vacation clothes washed and ironed like at the cleaners.

Women can also purchase cosmetics, perfume, etc. cheaper in Thailand than at home. The same applies for other daily hygiene products. You don't need to take shaving cream, shampoo and shower gel to Thailand.

Another little tip: what you should take in your luggage is a passport photo of your children or friends. Everywhere in Thailand you will find exceptional portrait artists! This, for example, gives you the chance to get a first class gift for grandma's 60th birthday that will knock her socks off. An oil painting of your loved ones!

II. Don't plan to do too much! Trying to spend 2 nights in Bangkok, see the north of the country and at least two islands in 14 days is not a good idea. Many travelers significantly cut down on their plans during their vacation because it gets to be too exhausting. Don't underestimate the climate! Even if you plan trips with ferries and boats or even with buses and trains, this will really affect your physical condition. You really don't want to stress yourself every 2-3 days.

III. Don't book too many of your hotels in advance. The situation usually looks different once you are in the country. You can get good tips from other travelers about good and cheap places to sleep. In addition, numerous lodging possibilities cannot be booked at a travel agency or on the internet because they are too small, too new or are even too cheap. No one on the internet will make the effort to offer lodging for 2 Euros per night since there is basically no profit margin whatsoever. Tip: book the first 2 days in advance and then look around once you get there. Often you meet all- inclusive tourists who are paying 60 Euros per night and then are blown out of their minds when they see that there are even nicer lodgings for 8 Euros per night! However always beware of offers from TukTuk drivers.